Daedalus 0.11.2 stuck on "Connecting to network..."

I have had this problem before two times https://forum.cardano.org/t/daedalus-stuck-on-connecting-to-network/10251 but this time nothing works. I have turned off automatic time, deleted db1.0, wallet1.0, etc, deleted open.lock, did a clean install. Nothing works. I have emailed IOHK once again and only thing they do is send me in circles with their automated support bot which is driving me nuts. What can I do to fix this so I can get my ada out of this wallet and never have to deal with this again?

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Sorry you’re having these problems. You can recover a Daedalus wallet using Yoroi https://yoroi-wallet.com/#/

Hi Michael_Hong,

sorry that you have some issues with your Daedalus wallet. My Daedalus wallet had some issue synchronizing one week or few days ago. I sent a request with the logs from the Daedalus wallet which was answer within a day. I just had to update my wallet to the new version. until the update, I never had an issue with my Daedalus wallet, I may say that I have a good internet connection and I use one laptop just for my wallets (I do not have much ADAs but I prefer to keep them same :slight_smile: ). May be you can try to connect to your wallet in another place with better internet connection…or clean your PC/laptop of files that are not so important…
By the way I am not a tech person… :slight_smile: just want to help…

Check the node log files, reason will be in there, probably near the end. They’re located in the Daedalus data directory (along DB-1.0) and are regular text files.

I did as hayamoto_jr said and found that the problem was a blank hosts file. The solution is shown below: https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus/issues/960.


I’m having the same issue. I haven’t had an issue with Daedalus before but a day ago it just stopped working and gets stuck on ‘connecting to network’ and then states ‘Network connection lost - reconnecting’, but it never connects. I have reinstalled Daedalus as the IOHK support states here https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010106234-Daedalus-reinstallation-quick-method … but it still doesn’t work. I’m getting really concerned as I have a substantial amount of ADA saved on my wallet - but I can’t access it. I’m not experienced with coding so unsure what else I can do. My system is Windows 10, Daedalus 0.11.2# I reported the issue but haven’t received any reply apart from an automated one stating the solution is to download the latest version of Daedalus - which I already have but it still won’t work

I think there’s a very good chance the next update, which is due out soon, will solve your problem. Meanwhile, you could try installing Daedalus and recovering the wallet on another machine if you have access to one, and/or try Yoroi, which will recover Daedalus wallets. https://yoroi-wallet.com/#/

If you continue to have problems you should start a new topic, giving all the info you can. Multiple issues in one thread can cause confusion.

Good luck.