Daedalus stuck at "Connecting to Network"

I’m in China and last time I successfully synced blockchain data via a VPN. But today it won’t work with the same VPN. Is it possible to manually add some nodes?


i’m not under any vpn and facing the same problem, maybe they didn’t expect network congestion

note cardano is still centralized so don’t worry unless - you have to trust them for now

Maybe related?

Screenshot from 2017-11-29 03:15:48

Hi, I also suffered this symptom at 12 hours ago. If you are using windows 10, the workaround for this is check your Windows 10’s current date time. If it is not correct, you need to correct it (the easy way to do this is enable datetime autosynching) . Once it is resolved, reload /restart your daedalus wallet. Hopefully it works fine just like mine.


Thx for the information

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@wendysa I tried your fix and for me it did not change anything. I wonder if anyone else has found anything or the dev team?

@Mitchell_R_Kirkpatri The problem is gone in my Windows 10. But, it re-appear in the Mac OSX version. If the developer could not resolve this rampant issue, as an investor, how could I be convinced if they could deliver the features they promised in their Whitepapers ?

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