HELP: Daedalus syncing

Hi, I have no loaded my daedalus wallet in a few months. it is taking forever to sync is there another way to load up our wallet??

You can restore your wallet in a litewallet like Typhon or Eternl.

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just small question zyroxa friend,
these lite wallets have all the functions that the original iohk mainnet wallet has :thinking: or not?
thank u

Yes they do, and also even some more than that.

You can setup multiple accounts in Typhon and then delegate them to multiple pools, without having to back up more than 1 seedphrase.

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Daedalus is actually pretty restricted in its features and hasn’t seen much development for months/years.

As @Zyroxa already said, all except Daedalus, Yoroi, and Lace support multiple accounts per wallet.

Eternl, Typhon, and Lace support sending to multiple recipients in one transaction.

Daedalus has been missing deregistering your stake key (and getting your 2 ADA deposit back) for ages.

The display of NFTs is much better in all of the browser-based wallets than in Daedalus.

Daedalus cannot provide a connector for DEXes, NFT marketplaces, and other dApps, since it does not run in the browser.

The display of tokens with decimals is by default not correct in Daedalus.

Features are certainly not a reason to stick with this resource-hungry wallet app.


pretty strange to me that charles&team are not gearing up daedalus to be more outbuild then the rest and just standout over the rest of wallets…daedalus is the flagship of cardano must allways be in 6th gear ,so all the upgrade’s whe had from start like say 2015/16 to 2023 has been very small baby steps😭

I won’t consider it the flagship at all.

It was pretty clear for quite some time that running a full node wallet with all its resource requirements is for a rather small niche of users.

Plus they mostly have shifted their attention to Lace.

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:thinking: hmm lace you say lets see what charles h do on that her and there heard few people about it they but where not so happy about lace anyway :crossed_fingers:for lace&deadalus&ada