8gb RAM too little for Daedalus?

Hey guys, i’ve just bought a brand new Asus Zenbook, and wanted to check out Daedalus wallet, as I’ve heard good things about it. However, I wasn’t aware that it is a full node wallet, and didn’t exactly understand why it said that recommended RAM is 16gb. It is taking quite a bit of time to sync up. My question is, will I still be able to run the wallet properly with my current RAM, or should I just use Yoroi for time being and save myself the hassle?


Use yoroi, u need to be aware that also the OS will consume a part from 8G RAM right?


Yeah 8GB ram is not enough to run Daedalus.

Id recommand a litewallet like Typhon or Eternl.


yez bro its short 8gb ram,but i have like you 8gb ram on my pc but my wallet still running its not super super smooth/fast with sync and i have switch on rts flags active button and sync everyday dont let it go down then 99.97% i dont use or have heavy software on it cleaned everything the free disk space its only for my wallet.for the time its good for me i know i need 16gb ram for the longrun😫

100%. Typhon and Eternl are my favorites.

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Typhonwallet.io is the easiest wallet to use as it has a very clean interface.

With light wallets, you need to understand that you can switch between any of them once you have a seed-phrase. Wallets are just ‘browsers’ for blockchain. Your assets are always on the blockchain, not in the wallet you choose to use first.