Daedalus 4.6.0 16 GB RAM minumum?

I see the new minimum for RAM to run Daedalus is 16GB. Does anyone know if it can run on an 8GB machine?

What OS do u have?

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I’m running macOS 10.15.7 Catalina.

For windows u can increase the swap file size but for Catalina I think will not work. U must upgrade the RAM or u can migrate to yoroi (light wallet)

is it a simple wallet or HW wallet?

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wow now 16gb brainpower needed,after you sad to me about swapfile,its stil working perfect with my 8gb ,fast verifies the chain load up the sync in 20/30 min when i leave my sync @all times no less then 95%.what you think charles going to work on this usage of 16gb to bring it down or not to increase it more🤔
thanks mate​:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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16 GB of RAM to run wallet? insane and laughable. Stake pool don’t need that much RAM

That’s only if you choose to run a full node wallet like Daedalus. You can always use regular wallets like Yoroi or AdaLite instead.

Also, stake pools now need more then 8GB or RAM for BP Nodes as well.

Full node wallets were never meant to be the main use wallets. It’s just that Daedalus is so much better then all other wallets (if you can run it). Hopefully the new light wallet that IOG/IOHK announced for 2022 is a lot more user-friendly then what we have now. :smiley:

I know exactly how much RAM need stake pool my friend. I run my own cardano stake pool. But we talking here about Daedalus which requierd 16GB of RAM which is still more then stake pool need at the moment. Thats the point. And so far I use only Daedalus from the begining, but the fact is just single aplication taking so much memory and sync ages is not really nice experience for a lot of people.

In Daedalus under alerts it’s noted as a new requirement but the link to the IOHK article calls it “recommended”.

Anyway I do have it running on my 8GB RAM MacBook Pro. It’s an old one, late 2013. Not my main machine.

Here’s the link to the IOHK page.

Based on our measurements, we recommend 16GB, but 8GB might be enough, as others have said, especially if you are not running many other applications. MacOS does seem to handle paging reasonably well.

The memory usage requirement is basically driven by the size of the chain. We are working on various improvements (a new version of the node is in the pipeline that reduces memory usage, for example).


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I like Daedalus. I trust it and feel it’s safe and secure. I don’t feel that way about browser plugins. Daedalus is slow in that it keeps the entire blockchain locally. I launch it frequently to keep it up to date. I’m not doing many transactions. In fact, I don’t do any since I’ve got my ADA staked in a few pools. Every epoch I download my rewards and see how my pools are performing. So I’m good with Daedalus.