Daedalus RAM Usage, 2GB+

Hi, I am new to ADA and ready to Stake my investment.

I have installed Daedalus, synced the blockchain and created a wallet with funds etc. Daedalus seems to be hogging a lot of resources on my PC though. It holds just over 2GB of RAM and I don’t understand why.

Is this typical/expected behaviour?

If this is the case, could I not just Stake my funds and close Daedalus? I suppose it wouldn’t actually need to be running for me to recieve my additional funds from whatever Pool I join

Many thanks for any help


I am glade to hear that u decided to delegate ur ADa for rewards… all u have to do is to go to delegation center… choose a pool (I run one)… delegate and after u can keep ur daedalus close. Your ADA will remain delegated till ur next action.

PS: daedalus is like a full node and is processing transactions, so it’s normal to use HW resources…


ah this makes sense. thank you for taking the time to explain. I have now delegated and closed Daedalus! So I’ll check it again in a few weeks, or years! :smiley: