I need *HELP*

Hy i need help i am new to staking and i am confused.

so I have 52 ADA to test
I tried to stake in Paul’s pool
It charge me 2 ADA for the fees
but I decided to withdraw 20 ADA from my daendalus wallet to exchange
so there is only 30 ADA left in my Daedalus wallet,

But then the next day my balance was gone and it turned out that it had been transferred,
but on the staking menu
It says that I was curently earning.

So where does my balance go and how do I unstake it.
plz help

Sorry for my bad english

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Hello, @Virtualy_frf , welcome aboard! Glad to have you with us.

Allow me the question: did you install Daedalus on cell phone?


I once installed a catalyst for voting, I installed it via a QR code from Daedalus

Currently, 2 950 ada is required to vote. So I do not understand how you could register from Daedalus with only 52 ada.

  • Do you have Daedalus installed on your PC or cell phone?

  • Where was Daedalus installed from?

  • Had 30 ada left. Can see any transfers that you haven’t made?

  • It takes about 20 days to start getting rewards for staking. What do mean when say “I was currently earning”?


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