Voting to Use My ADA Voting Power in Fund 4


I have been invested in ADA for a while and am already a delegated staker using the ADA Lite wallet with a hardware wallet. I am aware I may need a new wallet to participate in voting.

I am looking to participate in the next possible round of voting, I believe I can no longer vote in Fund 3 due to the deadline so I assume I would want to register for Fund 4.

My hardware wallet use may be an issue, so I intend to move my ADA to the best available hot wallet for which I will be considering daedalus. I am looking for advise on the steps I have to take in order to become a voter as soon as possible. I have the required minimum of 3,000 ADA to vote.

Please can someone advise me or direct me to relevant materials for the future round which I can participate in or any relevant details. I am happy to create and set up the wallet appropriately, but I do not wish to miss another round of voting.

Any Daedelus vote is not currently created yet, so I am keen to understand when any snapshot would be taken and what other steps I will need to follow to vote with Daedalus and the catalyst app.

I also believe that my delegated staking would still be possible, whilst also using my voting power and gaining further rewards through voting.

Any help or advice will be appreciated

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Hi @Stake85 .

I have Ledger Nano S + Daedalus wallet previously. For Fund3, what I did was creating another Daedalus Wallet and transfer enough ADA there (2950 ADA minimum). Of course, we can stake the newly created Daedalus wallet.

Next step is registration for voting in Fund3 from Daedalus desktop application. Installed the “Catalyst Voting” app in Android + complete the registration.

Then just wait until the snapshot for Fund 3, on March 05, 2021. And then I could do voting for specific project that I want to support.

For the next Fund4, I think the procedure would still be the same, unless there is another update on it. Hardware wallet is still not yet support until Fund5, I heard. So you still need to have Yoroi wallet or Daedalus wallet that’s not paired to the Ledger/Trezor to be able to vote.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you for the advise. Like yourself I have used hardware wallets, but I have now downloaded the Daedalus desktop wallet as a fresh installation with no hardware wallet connected.

I will transfer my ADA from my original wallet into Daedalus to stake and to vote for Fund 4. Once I have details of the appropriate time to make such a transfer.

It seems there is a long wait prior to registration being possible on 7th April. I assume that is when I will be able to get the QR code for use with the catalyst voting app. Where would be the place to watch for details of Fund 4and the snapshot date etc? Or will this appear in wallet in the voting tab as is currently the case for the Fund 3.

Whatever the case I look forward to being an involved member of the community through this site and through regular voting in future.

Thank you for your help.

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You could check the schedule & proposal for Fund4 in

And also you could check the IOHK blog

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