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Im just new to this and recently downloaded Daedalus wallet but when I try registering for voting it says one requeries minimum 3000 ADA on the wallet.
If I cant afford the 3000 ADA right now, will I be able to vote later at some point with less than that minimum requeried?

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maybe in the future it will be there a chance somehow to vote with less ADA-

Im also new, does anyone know whether we get the 3000 ADA back plus rewards on top of that, and approx how many rewards could we make if we had say 62k of ADA?

i have no so much knowledge but you can visit a great community group.

maybe people with more info can answer this

You don’t send your 3000 ADA (minimum) anywhere to vote. There is a small transaction fee (~0.17ADA) to generate “voting power” in the Catalyst app based upon how much ADA is in your wallet at the snapshot before voting begins. No one knows how large the rewards are until voting occurs, because it is a reward pot that is split amongst all voters (weighted based on your voting power). Last round there was about 500M ADA (voting power) registered for $35k, which amounted to about $0.60 worth per 8k ADA (which was the minimum last round)…so, not much. 62k ADA would have gotten you $4.50 worth of ADA in voting rewards. There appear to be many more people participating in this round, so you might get even less. What made it even more confusing is that people’s voting rewards were bundled along with the regular delegation rewards when they were paid out and, since the amount was so small, many people didn’t think that they received their voting rewards when they actually had.

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Thankyou Serotonin for your information…so can I transfer back my 3000 ADA in the Shelley non ledger nano s wallet back to the Ledger Hardware Wallet till the voting and even for after the vote? Thanks again for your detailed information…

Ahh, I don’t recall the specifics for when using a hardware wallet, but I believe that you will need to wait until after the snapshot March 3 ( to transfer back to your hardware wallet. You can also ask in the telegram channel that @tsipou linked.

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