My Catalyst voting registration did not made a snapshot of my entire ada balance :(

After registering my vote, following the proces, I waited for the snapshot to see my voting power but the message in the app said that I did not have enouhg ADA. I have 20.000 in this voting wallet. Does this mean I cannot vote now…


Hi Fund 2 members:

Important announcement about voting👇

Due to some technical delays voting will start in about one hour later than expected. If you try the app now, you might receive an error message. Don’t worry, just open the app again at 9:30 PM UTC.

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Even today I’m seeing this error even though I’ve had over 8k ADA from Dec 7th. Is this still an issue?

hi, here it is recommended to reinstall the app and try again:

I tried it but it did not work.

It is also mentioned that in this case one should contact tech support and provide QR and PIN.I will try that now.

I haven’t been contacted from tech support yet.

I was contacted by the tech support team via e-mail. I was told my problem is very common and that it is due to the smartphone and android version I am using to scan the QR so they asked what model it was and advised to use another one. I am trying that now and it looks its doing something different than last time, however it’s taking a long time to decrypt and set access code.