Catalyst failed to take snapshot, can't vote on fund 3

Hi, I registered pretty early for fund 3 and had the app set up on my phone for a pretty long while. Fast forward to today, and I have 0 voting power. I know I registered because I still have my QR code, pin and intrawallet transactions listed in Yoroi. Is there any way for me to receive my voting power?

Extra info : My catalyst app was on my Android phone.

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Welp. I got no voting power either and I’m using Daedallus. I’ll try again with Fund4

Due to a voting regiustration issue, it appears that Yoroi users have been unable to vote this evening in Fund3. We have done some initial investigations into the issue, and now the EMURGO team will be looking further into this issue and how it can be resolved. We are extremely sorry about the inconvenience caused to affected Catalyst community members. We shall continue to collaborate closely on this issue and bring you a fresh update as soon as we have further information. Thank you for your patience!

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i’d only read about Yoroi users but i got the same problem using Daedalus… Is it only me?

I saw that after the weekend they will try to solve the problem.
I have the same, no voting power, and used yoroi

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Thank you. Yes, just wanted to mention that I registered very early in Feb, got QR code, have more than enough in Daedalus, have reinstalled catalyst on iphone a dozen times, scan code and-0 voting power. Will keep trying and update, unless you know there’s a bug and it ain’t gonna work. thank you!

Same issue here. Had sufficient amount in Daedalus since past few months. App says 0 voting power.

Did anyone ever find out what happened or a fix? My wallets are in Daedalus. I used one on iPhone, and the other on Ipad. Obviously different QR code. Both registered correctly, but in the end only the iPad had voting power, and the iPhone 0. Removed and reinstalled, rescanned code. No joy.

Would like to know if the problem was solved before we do this again next week.