Problem seeing my voting power in catalyst Voting

Hi all. While I saw there’s some issues with yoroi and voting, I do not see my particular problem in the topics so I’m gonna ask around to see if anyone knows of this situation. I’m sorry if it has been asked before but I’m terrible at finding stuff.
I have a 24 word wallet so that means it’s a daedalus.
Since fund 2 was done with daedalus catalyst i have had that on my pc since then. Unfortunately until I figured out how to do the process I wasn’t able to register for fund 2…however I managed to do it for fund 3 without any issues i thought, with daedalus catalyst. I received my qr and set a password in catalyst Voting way before the voting registration was closed.
Now, even though I have a pin and I’m entering the app(Daedalus voting)…no matter how long I wait or even if I delete the app and install it again and use the screenshot I took of the qr code, i cannot upgrade my voting power…does anyone know if it’s because I used daedalus catalyst and not the new feature implemented in to regular daedalus? I did the registration before the update that allows you to vote from within daedalus took place in my pc so I didn’t know that there’s a new feature available on the regular daedalus, and since I’ve had no issues to go through my registration on Daedalus catalyst, I didn’t want to spend another 0.17 ADA to generate another qr on the actual Daedalus (maybe that was a stupid decision but I didn’t want to waste more ada).

Does anyone happen to know anything related to this?

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Hi @Costin_Paval ,

First, you need to install “Catalyst Voting” here from Google Playstore →

Then you need to have Daedalus wallet or Yoroi wallet. Unfortunately, hardware wallet (Ledger & Trezor are not yet supported). So you need ot have created Daedalus wallet or Yoroi.

The voting power will be snapshot at 05 March 2021 for Fund3. So if you have 10000 ADA at that time in your wallet, your voting power should be 10000.

I don’t know what happened with your “Daedalus Catalyst”, I think that is for Fund2. For Fund 3, please use “Catalyst Voting”. Or maybe moderator or Cardano / IOHK team can help you.

I follow this steps & could vote properly two days ago.

Thank you for your advice. I am familiar with all the steps you mentioned above. I even advised some of my friends to join voting and they have successfully entered the voting.
I however did it from daedalus catalyst client and as of right now i cannot join the voting due to no voting power in the application on my phone (catalyst voting).
My question goes to those that might know if i would be able to vote having done the registration through this channel. There was no warning that daedalus catalyst won’t work, the QR was generated without an issue and i set up a pin and completed registration on the app with no warning sign that this process might not work.
IDK…im hoping someone did the same as me and we can compare thoughts…or a dev might be able to illuminate this situation.

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Hey @Costin_Paval , I am having the same issue. I used Daedalus and Iphone app for Catalyst. It shows no voting power, I successfully registered on the 22nd. I’ve been looking around also…

@Costin_Paval @fancyscarecrow Same here. I used Daedalus and iPhone Catalyst Voting app. I successfully registered on the 2/18, but the app shows no voting power now.

Here is a Reddit thread with the Issue, it is getting some attention. Still nothing and I also used an android with the QR code (that I saved).

I have also reached to IOHK to see what they can say about it it and got the following. Hope it helps bring in some light to the issue.

Thank you for providing those details, it`s a decentralized ecosystem and we would never want anyone to be left out from casting their vote, however as mentioned there is a known issue relating to when after a user successfully scanned the QR code and provided their correct PIN, voting power is 0 even if voting has already started.

We are working towards identifying the exact reason so that this does not occur in the future funds, it could potentially be caused if the registration was completed by the old Catalyst Daedalus, we ensured that registering on Daedalus mainnet was available from the 20th of February. One of the official updates was on twitter -

We appreciate your patience and are working very hard to ensure Voting registrations on Fund4 and all the future ones will work seamlessly!

Whoever has this issue…please be patient.