Catalyst Voting registering

Hi There,

I have registered for voting 2 days ago using my Daedalus wallet and today I transferred my funds to my new Ledger wallet. Do I need to do anything in order to vote? Can I still vote with previous registration?

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Your registered wallet needs to have funds at snapshot (on 5th March) to capture your voting power. If your funds are not on that wallet, your voting power would be almost negligible.

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My ADA is on the Yoroi wallet, do I have to stop staking the ADA in order to be elegible to vote?

@rdlrt Thanks for the answer. Than I better to re-register with new wallet as I don’t think I will move my funds back and forward just for voting

Just be aware that Hardware wallets are not supported for voting registering for this round atleast.

No, staking is not impacted by voting.
Also, would be best to use a seperate thread for queries that are not the same as the first post :+1:t3:

Hello Osman. Guess with Trezor Model T I cannot vote aswell too yet… BTW what is this voting good for?

Unfortunately, voting is not possible with hardware wallet yet. Looks like, it will be available around second half of this year.
For Voting, it is good to be part of the decision process how and where Cardano spend money to improve. If you into sort of this…