Voting with Yoroi Wallet


I’ve been using the Yoroi android wallet in conjunction with Ledger nano X for some time. I have just added the Google Chrome extension on my Windows laptop with the aim of participating in future Catalyst funding rounds.

The Ledger nano wallet isn’t supported for the purposes of voting so I set up a separate ‘voting’ wallet. I then downloaded the Catalyst voting app as instructed but am now not seeing any option to register for voting.

Is this just because there are no elections imminent or is there some other problem?

Any clarification appreciated.


I think u will be able to register after they will resume the voting for the next round; (till then I think u will can vote with the ledger wallet)


5. When does the registration process start?
To be determined (postponed)

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Thanks for that, I will wait and see what happens for now. Below is screenshot of voting app. This is latest version and it doesn’t seem to have any functionality.


Cheers :+1:

Same for me, cheers

If u moved ada to another simple wallet, don’t forget to delegate

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What is purpose of chrome extension and is it necessary? I have functioned fine just using nano x hardware with ledger. Is there any disadvantage for not going through the extension. It gives me an error when I tried to add my wallet. Haven’t I already added my wallet to ledger? It seems a bit confusing.

Because voting with hardware wallet is not supporting yet, you must move the funds to an yoroi simple wallet for the voting snapshot and after that move the funds back to ledger… anyway the snapshot occured so it’s not the case anymore