My votes are not reaching the blockchain

So I have installed the Catalys application on my Samsung A70 Andriod phone.
I can see my voting power, but my votes never register. I have waited 1 day for it to reach it, but it still does not show up.

I select a vote and I know then it goes to pending. After that I send all my votes to the blockchain with my pin, but it never accepts it or something.

I have also reinstalled Catalsyst 3 times now and rescanned my QR code, but nothing seems to fix it.
Anyone else have any idea’s? And how vast can you see your voting rewards? Do they immedeatly show? So then I could know when my voting is succesful. For now they stay at 0 aswell…

Hello, @SkryZr welcome to the community!

May find these tweets helpful:

P.D: This only applies if have registered from Yoroi.


I forgot to mention, but I registered with Daedalus Mainnet on my PC