Yoroi Voting Registration Attention/concerning message


I was trying to register to vote for the first time today using the Yoroi iOS mobile wallet and when I do so I’m greeted with an odd and semi concerning message:

Catalyst voting rewards are sent to delegation accounts and your wallet does not seem to have a registered delegation certificate. If you want to receive voting rewards, you need to delegate your funds first.
click box I Understand

I’m fully delegated and have been for a few days now to a new pool, and before that I was delegated to another pool for at least 5 epochs… I’m not sure if I should just continue on and never-mind this message or halt my registration for the time being (which is why I’m posting here). Maybe I’m missing something else?? Do I need to claim my rewards first and then try voter registering??


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I have the same warning message, must be a bug; I sent a message to yoroi team

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I also have gotten such a message, trying to sign up for this fund.
“KeyStore::getData:: data is null, should never happen”

I get the same message. Please post if you get a reply from Yoroi.

Yes I got this message as well.

I ignored the message and registered anyway. I hope I didn’t mess things up for myself now. My “registration is pending” according to the catalyst voting app. I sent a message to Yoroi about the delegation warning too. I will post the response here when I get an answer.

Yeah, I think it’s just a message…

Thanks Alex1985 for confirming. I also went thru and registered anyway. I’m sure you’ll let us know if you receive word back from folks at Yoroi.

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Did anyone report a bug on Yoroi mobile repository ? I cannot find one related to voting but it’s possible I missed it. Or the issue is also affecting the extension, in which case it’s on another repository.

As I already have a GitHub account, I’m ok to do it but I would need more information as I’m currently not a Yoroi user. @Alexd1985 did they tell you whether they would handle this internally or not ?

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Nope, no news for the moment but I think it will be fixed in the next release/update

didn’t reported
U can use my screenshots… I have my wallet delegated but still receiving the warning message



Thank you, here is the report Unexpected warning message (voting registration) · Issue #1390 · Emurgo/yoroi-mobile · GitHub if I’m missing anything, please let me know.


I reported. Haven’t heard back.

Thanks for reporting @Michele_H @raph_cardano, we are well aware of the issue.
It should just be a “false negative”. Users who are already delegating shouldn’t worry about it, but we need to dig deeper to find the cause.
Will report back here when it’s fixed.


I have already submitted a fix for this, should be available in a couple of days.


Thank you!

Thank you @v-almonacid for confirming my suspicion this issue was more a “false negative”.

I appreciate all the help: @Alexd1985 @raph_cardano & @Michele_H

:+1: great to have fixed it so quickly, that said, a false positive or a false negative is always a true error, despite its name and consequences, or lack thereof. Thanks

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I was experiencing the same issue and thought that I was doing something wrong/that my submissions were not going through, so I re-registered a couple times to see if that would fix the issue. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I was charged for each registration. Ultimately, to save participants ADA, it should be the case that the “register” button is no longer able to be clicked once you successfully register.


I also think that there is a bug in the Telegram app because I keep entering my verification code and Charlie (the bot) never responds (I was trying to report the issue described in the initial post)

What verification code?