Did my Catalyst voting Registration on Yoroi succeed?

Yesterday I was going trough the process of “Catalyst Voting Registration” with Yoroi on Android, where at one step I got QR and Certificate number so I was saving that and meanwhile I don’t know what happened but I couldn’t see if my registration was completed but the transaction fee has confirmed and I paid something between 0.17 and 0.18 ADA. Then I opened the Catalyst Voting App and linked my wallet with the App and now it says: Registration in Progress! You have nothing to do until voting begins. Just wait for your voting power! But registration is now already 48 hours in progress. When do I get confirmed that Registration went well? I would like to know before the snapshot takes place. Is this the normal behaviour of the App? Does the Registration process always take that long?

If you have QR code and PIN code both backed up - you should be okay. Your registration was successful. If you don’t then you have to re-register. If you have the secret code - and are able to reconstruct it based on reputable QR code generator and voting app accepts it - then you are certainly fine. But always need QR and PIN code to be able to cast votes. Voting begins in January only. Time to register to catch Fund7 cycle is January 6th. So plenty of time to test drive.

Says the same for me. I guess it’s normal. Registration will be “in progress” until January 6th, when the snapshot of the funds for voting power is taken.

But the wording could be clearer.

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Thanks, I have the QR and PIN backed up but I never seen a secret code. I have the public numeric code of the public QR if I understand right.

Yeah thanks, the wording could be clearer. I think because it’s still in development and experimental. But I’m already impressed the way how Cardano incentivizes people to get involved with the network.

Now I still don’t see a confirmation in the Catalyst voting app that registration in Yoroi was successful. How can I check that?

If you see “Registration in Progress!
You have nothing to do until voting begins. Just wait for your voting power!” then I think everything is okay. I also see only that (and some very confusing claim that 6th of January is in 8 days).

Ok thanks, I’ll just wait and see what will happen on 20th of January after voting starts.

I got the error message: Your QR code is not linked to any known wallet for this voting round but the fee was taken (0.17 ADA or so) for the registration process.
Any idea why this happened?