How to Vote on Catalyst Proposals

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A few simple questions:

When will voting be open for the second round of the catalyst proposals?

How will voting take place? Will Daedalus be updated to allow this in wallet?

I’m not on any of the socials and so rely on this forum for info. I’ve had a look on the Project Catalyst website but am still hazy.

Any ideas?

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Still waiting on that information so I guess that’s why no-one has replied yet. The weekly “Town Hall” event is where up to date information is usually first broadcast. There is already an android app (Catalyst Voting App) which you can download but its not active yet.
As far as I can tell at this stage, you will have to get a QR code from your wallet - not in place when I was writing. That is scanned into your app and gives a “voting power”
Last week Dor said something along the lines of “whales” being excluded from voting just for fund2 so its going to be the best time to get your voice heard.

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Yeah it’s a little confusing. I downloaded the android app, but when following the “Complete registration” onboarding it’s just lorem ipsum placeholder text. I’d assume that’s a mistake, but testing onboarding flows before releasing an app is pretty fundamental stuff.

If you can’t onboard yet then the app should have clear messaging. Actually the messaging that’s in there says you can vote from the 30 Oct, not sure if that’s correct or not.

On the positive side the UI of the app seems quite good, just UX issues.

So it appears Daedalus will be updated with a QR center to verify the amount of ADA you had in your wallet as of October 22nd.

That is the date of the snapshot they are using from what I have read (someone please correct me if that’s old info).

You will scan the QR from Daedalus in the Catalyst app. That will give you your “voting power”. You will need 8,000 ada to be eligible. Each 8,000 Ada will entitle you to 1 vote (80,000 ada = 10 votes). They may break it down differently but that is the gist of it.

In the app it says to check back on Oct 29th for the start of voting. I believe this date was pushed back because they are waiting for approval from the Apple store for the Catalyst app before starting voting. They want to make sure everyone can participate.

My guess is voting will start in a week or two.

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Will there be a QR-code in Daedalus and Yoroi? I use these two wallets and both have more than 8000 ADA. How will this work? Do I need to cast votes with the 2 different wallets or can I join both funds in the voting app?

Thanks to the posters for all the information above. I have put quite a bit of work into my own Catalyst proposal and I couldn’t even tell you when the voting is going to start or end, nor where I would go to look that up when the time comes.

The main reason for this is that the only source of information seems to be this chatty, amateurish “Town Hall” video format without a single descriptive web page ever released to go along with it. The timeline seems only to be in hindsight after things have already happened, with email announcements that only refer to video links which I can tell you I haven’t had the time or interest to watch… when I consider how efficient the alternative “web page” format would be, i.e., the standard used by the rest of the world.

This ambiguity, inefficiency and disruption to the proposal experience from the top (creation) to the bottom (voting) level is based on the popular misconception that “releasing” something on video constitutes a proper release. If anyone can point out a single web page, even a forum link, where the relevant questions here have been answered, please let me know and I will stand corrected.

Until then I hope people will please consider the ongoing Catalyst communication & information failure as the most glaring example of the “chatty video standard” problem endemic to the Cardano community :face_vomiting:

I urgently need to update the related Cardano Improvement Proposal which my Catalyst Proposal (Weblinks to Stakepools & Portfolios) links to, and I have no idea when I can even do that because of the ambiguous Catalyst schedule. :nauseated_face: Please note I don’t want simply to criticise those responsible… only to find out if and when this crippling problem will ever be solved for Catalyst in particular, and most urgently to get the voting start & end dates so I can arrange my related material accordingly.

:pray: @Dor_Garbash ???


Fully agree. Not everyone has time to watch those inefficient videos. It’s a nice to have but there needs to be more reliable information. I have no idea what’s going on, when does voting start? Deadline ist still set for November 4th but neither app nor wallet are ready.

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I totally agree with you about the lack of proper communication of important details like when and how to vote for Catalyst and for Cardano in general.
I (as many people) am quite busy and don’t have time to watch hours long videos except occasionally for entertainment, often many days after they were released.
So, I waste time googling, going to, and and still I can’t find out something as basic as how to vote or when to vote.
This is a big problem that could easily be solved for Cardano in general by IOG having someone in marketing communications updating a webpage with the latest announcements and decisions.
This does not have to be full blown press releases like the News page but simple brief announcements.
For Catalyst in particular there should be easily accessible clear instructions on How to… “Create a Proposal”, “Participate in the Process”, “Vote”.
They have a list of phases with dates but there is no obvious “Vote” phase and the dates for “Voter discussion” say it expires today which seems unlikely or unwise.
All this great technology and community participation and yet it does not achieve it’s full potential because of poor communication.
Hopefully this will improve soon!


Hi All,

Just bumping this thread up.

Does anyone have any news on this?

Cheers for any info!