Question about minimum hardware requirements

Hello everybody!
I have a question about the minimum hardware requirements for running the Daedalus wallet.
So I recently started delegating my ADA on the Daedalus wallet on my PC. But I’d like to do it on a dedicated/separate PC. I happen to have an old NUC lying around so I thought I’d install Linux or Windows on it and run the wallet there. The thing is the NUC is quite old(Intel® Celeron® Processor N2830 1M Cache, up to 2.41 GHz) so I was wondering if it is able to run the Daedalus wallet at all. On my main PC(Ryzen 5 3600) I observed that the CPU usage is only busy at the startup of the wallet while syncing and once it is done usage is quite minimal. Does anyone have experience with older or weaker systems running a wallet 24/7?

You should be fine with the older NUC assuming you have enough disk space and a bit of patience. I have a NUC that I use as a test bed for new Cardano node releases before promoting to the pool. Granted not the same thing, but you should be fine.

Alternative is to use Yoroi but I’m sure you’re already aware of that :slight_smile:

CPX Pool


Memory is also important - 8GB of RAM is recommended.

Thank you for your reply! Guess I’ll know for sure after I give it a try. Might have to check how much RAM the old NUC has.

Thanks. I’ll have to check how much I have on the NUC. Probably at least 8GB for sure.

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