Daedalus Wallet too slow by May 21

Hi guys from Dev team, how are you? i hope u al doing fine. However, I read some topics from back feb 2020 that daedalus wallet had issues with long launching and syn time. And there were said by the dev team that it would be fixed in matter of weeks. By the way we are now a year later and i have pretty good laptop with 24gb ram, 4 gb nvidia qaudro, and so on. Even now it takes hours and take all the juice of my laptop. What i dont understand is the wallet is kind of mining machine that takes al the juice of the laptop. I have TW, Bnb Wallet, Litbit, non of them are taking or doing what Daedalus does. So maybe you are in the wrong ocupation that cant fix this long syn time and less usage of the pc, laptop juice. Please fix it or pp are going to some other good quality products, this is a free advice. Have a nice day

Hello @Jair2go

I’m not a dev, just ADA user. After reading your post I went and timed my Daedalus wallet. It took 1 minute and 43 seconds to open, verify, sync and ready to use. It did use 36% of my CPU to start up and I have only 16gb of ram on this laptop (also my video card is way older then yours, but I’m not sure it matters.) After it started it barley used 20% and it wasn’t even running 60% of the time.

You may need an update or reinstall your wallet. Also, be careful, there is a fake version of Daedalus floating out there, so download from official site only. https://daedaluswallet.io/en/download/
If you don’t want to run a Cardano node you can always use Yoroi, the other official Cardano wallet. It runs as extension of Chrome or Fire Fox.
Also, you may have to check if you have a coin miner on your CPU that is slowing your computer down.

Hope things speed up for you :smiley:


if you just updated the wallet from old version to new one - then there is startup phase where the wallet “recalculate” the blockchain… can take up to an hour… and eats lot of CPU… but after that the wallet just syncing the blockchain instead of mining blocks… which need just low CPU…
so the system requirements is below what you have, so your are fine with your laptop.
also would be great to provide some info from the Help->Diagnostics menu.

BTW thanks for your kind reactions gusy. I did reinstall the Daedalus wallet. It was the same, Maybe as laplasz says, the first time it takes an hour and then it goes well. I should see that, but till now i see it syn, see screenshot.

BTH, i checked the wallet, it is not fake, secondly for two hours it shows 83.10%, so i let it run for 3 more hours, after that, i am not intresseted for staking something which takes forever to even open a wallet.

In that case don’t use Daedalus. Just use Yoroi Chrome (or Fire Fox) extension for staking. Yoroi is official light version and doesn’t download Cardano Node. You can get it here: https://emurgo.io/our-products#yoroi
Just scroll down to Yoroi Desktop Extension and install:

WELCOME @Jair2go , to the forum! :grinning:

I’m not a dev, just a regular user.

It is my understanding that Daedalus is a full-node wallet which means it takes a copy of network activity. So, I try to power up Daedalus once a week to keep the wallet up to date and loading time down.

I do agree with some of your free advice and with your stance on power consumption.

I believe the roll-out of Smart Contracts in the near future will change how many of the wallets operate or function. This is a great opportunity for Daedalus to address any shortcomings, pivot, rebrand, etc.

Recently I’ve seen marketing for an upcoming Gero Wallet:

It is interesting how similar Gero Wallet logo is to Daedalus.

Take Care.