Issue opening Daedalus wallet

Hi All, I have not opened my Daedalus wallet for over 8 months and I have opened it more than 32+hrs ago and it is syncing blocks now at 62.48%, moving up or down 0.01%. Today I want to replace my laptop and it looks like that I wont be able to open it in time and I do not want to lose my Cardano. My question is why is it taking so long to open the wallet? Also if I change my laptop would I be able to restore the wallet on the new computer just with my recover phrase? (I have nothing else - cannot remember the wallet name or address etc)

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Your version of Daedalus is likely out of date hence the slow sync time (though that may not be the only reason).

As long as your recovery phase is correct then that’s all you’ll require to restore the wallet. You can also import your wallet directly in to Yoroi using this guide.

Let us know how you get on!

Yes, the phrase is all you need. But before installing Daedalus on the new one you should consider using Yoroi instead, it does not need to sync blocks and is probably the better choice for most people. You can recover a Daedalus wallet into Yoroi, directions here How to migrate Daedalus to Yoroi Wallet - YouTube

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