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Anybody know anything about retrieving ADA holdings. My wallet is old. 0.8.2. It won’t open. Syncing blocks take hours - 14 hrs, and the process never reaches 100%. If Instal a new wallet from the Cardano website, there are 3 options. If I intend to use my 12 word key phrase is option C correct? A. Create new wallet. B. Restore wallet from backup. C. Import wallet from a key. If I’m using my 12 word key phrase, is C the correct option?

Thanks in advance.

is there any reason you can’t sweep the Daedalus wallet to Yoroi? if you need access to the funds without syncing with the block chain (using Daedalus), then Yoroi will be the quickest way.

you can always put them back into a Daedalus new wallet once you have updated and synced.

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I answered this question in another thread. Please don’t repeat the same question in different places, it can waste time and annoy people.

Qardano, thanks for your response, that looks like a solution. But I’m curious (and worried): the fact that my Daedalus wallet is so old, and can’t sync, is there a possibility that may impede Yoroi being able to recover / transfer my holdings?

No, Daedalus is in no way involved in Yoroi recovery.

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RobJF, thanks again for your response. I’m now attempting to resolve this issue through Yoiro, Cardano and IOHK, and I keep getting different and conflicting advice. Also, I understand my error in posting the same question in two threads. Apologies; I’m new to this forum. In the other thread I posted in, you answered one of my questions, but I’m unsure what to make of your advice. You completely ruled out Option A (creating a new wallet), Option B is “Restore from backup” and Option C is “Import wallet from a key”. Should I try B or C? Regards

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as importing a wallet from a key. That’s why my answer was not clearer. If you mean restoring the wallet from the 12 word seed phrase, then yes that is the way to go. Restoring from backup might also be possible but IMO is not worth the hassle.

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I think you have pondered into multiple questions with a little different context spread over two threads, hence different advices, which are all correct based on your individual queries.

It seems you have finalised on using Yoroi.
So your 3 options are stale as you shift to Yoroi interface. You can simply follow the video shared by @qardano. In short, once you install Yoroi and open it for the first time:

  1. Create a new wallet (follow the wizard and save your NEW 15-word seed).
  2. Once you have finished the wizard, click Daedalus icon on top right corner (check video shared).
  3. Select “Transfer all funds from Daedalus wallet”. This will prompt you to enter your existing 12 word seed for Daedalus , so that you can import your wallet to Yoroi.

Yep, should have stuck to one thread - new to this space. To the issue: I was just about to pull the trigger and go do exactly what you suggested, but I have been strongly advised against doing that. Apparently, Yoiro is definitely not the correct way to resolve this issue, according to RobJF (Leader).

No, he has just correctly replied to your questions. He hasnt adviced against Yoroi , from what I read :slight_smile:

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Bit of a mine field for a photographer, probably an easy fix for a developer. What would you do rdlrt: attempt to recover the ADA via Yoiro or restore from key phrase via latest version of Daedalus?

For your usage and judging by the original issue description, you are not fond of running a full node or waiting for blockchain to sync. Thus, a light wallet (Yoroi) would indeed be better suited to you.

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I think so, Light wallet is appealing, but that’s step 2. I invested in Cardano over 12 months ago. My only concern at this stage is accessing my ADA. I wouldn’t be the first to lose my holdings. Yes Yoiro sounds like a good - once my assets are in my control again. At this stage I am only concerned with being able to see, move and manage the ADA I invested in (purchased). And I’m still not sure if I attempt to recover those assets via Yoiro or Daedalus.

Umm, I understand, please give Yoroi a try (currently it is your step 1, you do not need a working Daedalus to proceed) following the instructions to transfer funds from your Daedalus wallet. Your funds are safe as long as you have those 12 word seeds. :slight_smile:
It will make much more sense once you install and follow the instructions

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RobJF, rdlrt has been quite helpful, and he believes Yoiro is a good way to restore my ADA. See his post. Would you disagree with his advice?

Absolutely not. His knowledge is better than mine. I said importation was irrelevant not realizing you were thinking of Yoroi, what it does in this situation is restoration+transfer.

to answer your question above, no.

the ADA aren’t in the (any) wallet, as a wallet only helps control the addresses/keys associated with those ‘seed words’.

a year old daedalus wallet would need to be reinstalled. yes. you’ll never get that ‘old’ wallet version working enough to access your ADA, as it would still need an updated and current version, even if synced.

so, the two choices remain. 1. follow rdlrt’s instructions to get a new wallet on yorio w/ a seed of 15 words, then transfer the ADA using your old 12 word phrase (this will empty the old wallet, and put all value now into those new 15 words!) … or … 2. delete daedalus, reinstall daedalus, sync, then restore that 12 word wallet.

the yorio option will only take a few minutes, but will involve a new set of words and a new wallet, while the daedalus option will require installing a new/synced version of daedalus, then restoring the wallet from your current seed words, which might take a few/many hours depending on your machine and connection.

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Thanks for the support / answers / tech advice. I’ll work on this today, and provide feedback that may benefit anybody else in the same situation.

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Yoroi was a fix; quick and easy too. Thanks again for the support, appreciate it.