I lost my wallet

Did you send coins to the wallet before of after recovering it for the first time?

I just have one transaction, I have received 2000 coins before I recovered. Actually, when I created my wallet I bought some coins.

Hi RobJF,

Go easy if I come across as completely ignorant. It’s late, I’m a bit stressed, I’ve never used this forum / platform before, and I can’t access my Cardano holdings. My (old) Deadelus wallet is Syncing blocks, and stuck at 46%. In searching for answers, I ended up here. i’m trying to reach out to you, because your comments in this ‘Lost Wallet’ thread sound reasoned and informed. Hoping you can assist. Cheers

Maybe start with downloading the latest Deadalus wallet?

If it does not sync with the new wallet, try to restore the wallet with your 12 words.

Hi @syd-cypher

a good point to start with technical problems is also the IOHK Zendesk there are a lot of useful articles. This one could help you: https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011536933

Solution: https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009484874

I agree with @Micro86 that the first thing is definately to download and install the latest version from https://daedaluswallet.io/#download. Make sure Daedalus is not running before the installation, best to restart the machine. If probs continue come back here and/or checkout @Chris28’s links. With the 12 word seed phrase you will always be able to switch to Yoroi regardless of what Daedalus is or is not doing.

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like there’s nothing to worry about, as long as I have the 12 word key phrase - which I do. I’ll work through the process in the next 24hrs and post any comments that might be useful to somebody else experiencing the same issue.

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Following on from thread above - 48 hrs later - about to instal new wallet / locate ADA holdings. Just want to check; there are 3 options: A. Create new wallet. B. Restore wallet from backup. C. Import wallet from a key. If I’m using my 12 word key phrase, is C the correct option?

Hi Syd,
I’d say option B would be the way to go.

Words matter, avoid confusion: if you’re using the seed phrase, we call that restoration. Though from backup would usually be “restore” too, impossible to avoid all ambiguity! You definitely do not want to do A. I would say in this case restoration from seed phrase is the way to go, there’s little or no advantage to using backup and more ways for the process to go wrong. Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for the reply. Your comment.“words are important.” I agree, which is I why I’ve tried to be really clear and concise. Don’t want to waste anybody’s time. One more question, as I’m not entirely clear on the meaning of your response. You’ve clearly ruled out option A. Which of the remaining options is correct: B or C? Thanks again.

Thanks Elurevad

See my second-to-last sentence. Importation is not relevant to this scenario.

OK, understood, I will attempt to RESTORE WALLET FROM BACKUP. Also, there’s information on the IOHK site, in relation to this topic. In short, the article states that ALL Daedalus files must be deleted, before attempting to restore a wallet. Do you agree that that’s the correct work path?

No. Restore using the seed phrase. If you haven’t already, d/l and install latest version of Daedalus and select restore during setup.

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I have a Daedalus wallet on my system - installed February 2018. According to IOHK, that wallet and all of the files associated with that wallet must be deleted - entirely. But you believe that’s incorrect, and that I should simply download / instal the latest version of the Daedalus wallet, and just leave the old wallet where it is. Is that correct?

I believe @syd-cypher’s problem is well on the way to being resolved via another thread, anyone else reading this one should beware of substantial confusion above.

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RobJF, that’s unfair, and misleading. My question/s to you have been very straightforward, I’ve been patient and courteous, and you have simply not answered some of the questions I’ve asked. Questions that I think are entirely valid. Are you shutting me out, or can we continue to communicate?

Hi @syd-cypher,
I think you have misunderstood @RobJF’s message above. He is just making others aware that you have progressed via a different thread, so that they do not continue replying on this one.
The intent of this thread was to assist someone who had his 12 word phrase key wrong, which is not the case for you. Feel free to continue the discussions/any further queries on your thread :slight_smile:
(PS: I think he has been helping correctly, there was just a bit of communication gap between the threads)

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Fair enough, and I agree, RobJF has been helpful. I’ll discontinue adding to this thread. Cheers