I lost my wallet

I do Have my 12 recovery phrase and I am sure that the recovery phrase is correct, But I could not recover my wallet.
And when I explore my wallet address in the Cardano Blockchain Explorer it says that Address does not exist.
So ridiculous.

You could try looking the address up on adascan.net if Cardano explorer isn’t working.

Are you getting any kind of error message in Daedalus when trying to restore?
If you can’t get it to work you could try setting up a Yoroi wallet and importing your Daedalus wallet to it.

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I moved this topic to CTS in case you actually want help, but in that case you’re going to have supply some more information. Just try to tell the whole story and we’ll take it from there…

Why you are sure it’s correct?

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It is kind of strange question. As your amswer because I had saved my 12 recovery phrase.

Well, if Daedalus says it’s an invalid phrase then it means that you are making a mistake while entering it. Do you successfully enter all 12 words, or are some of them missing from Daedalus suggest?

Can you post your address here so we can see the problem?


Did you get this address from when you used your wallet first time, or when you restored it and saw the zero balance?

Did you yourself send any funds to this exact address or gave this address to anyone to send you funds?

Do you have any record about receiving any funds (transactions) to this address?

Should I transfer out my Ada, uninstall my Yoroi wallet and see if my recovery phrase work? is that the best way to check?

You can create another account inside your chrome browser (Settings > Accounts), then install Yoroi from scratch in this second account and try restarting you wallet in there (but you need another gmail account for this). Or from another computer if you have one. You also can install “Yandex Mobile Browser” on an Android phone and install Yoroi there.


I think when I restored it and saw zero balance.
Actually I bought 2000 ADA from someone about 3 or 4 month ago, I can ask him if he has any record of transaction.
Does it Help?

Actually I made a paper wallet, Is it possible recover my wallet from that ? It Has 18 phrase what about the other phrase It need 27 phrase.

In that case this makes no sense - everything looks like you just make mistake in the recovery phrase and open just some other random empty wallet. Of course the address from this wallet will be empty. You need to check addresses that you have actually used.

Yes, that would help, because that would most probably show that the address he used to send you those coins is completely different from this address that you are trying to check. Which would mean that they are most probably from different wallets.

You need 27 words to recover a paper wallet. If your paper wallet contains only 18 words - this means that you have lost the 9 words that Daedalus was showing to you and that you were supposed to write down on the same paper-wallet. You can’t restore a paper wallet from 18 words.

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So It suppose that I could find transaction history, How do I recover my wallet ?

You need the 12 (or 27) actual correct words that you have used, in the right order.

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I do have 12 correct Recovery phrase that I have recovered with, I told you the story now it says invalid recovery phrase.

zero transaction on that wallet address, it means no deposits or withdrawal ever happened.

Then you either have written it down incorrectly or entering it in incorrectly.

I copied that phrase. I have not written by hand and I have recovered that before. What do you mean by entering in incorrectly?