I lost my wallet


What I said in the other thread, I described in detail how to enter it and you replied saying that’s what you did.

In future please don’t start multiple topics on same issue, this is a good example of why that’s a bad idea.

Some of the people here have a great deal of experience in supporting Daedalus users and I don’t believe anyone has ever seen a correct recovery phrase rejected unless incorrectly entered. But we often have people insisting they used the correct phrase, correctly entered, only to later find something was wrong with the phrase or the entry method.


I say because I ask the support team several time for months and I did not get any decent answer.
I entered the 12 phrases correctly as I said I recover my wallet before. It seems that you assume me stupid that could not enter some phrases.


Hey maybe, just check the spelling letter by letter.


Don’t know you, have no idea whether you’re stupid or not, but what you’re describing has never been seen before, so we naturally consider you might be getting something wrong. Remember we’re all volunteers, we try to help people because we believe in the Cardano project, we can stop trying to help you at any time without consequence to us.


I could find my real wallet address I get it from a person who had sent me ADA, my address incredibly had changed.
my real wallet address:


Nothing incredible, it’s just confirms exactly what we were suspecting all that time in this thread - you enter wrong passphrase and open random empty wallet instead of your actual wallet.


No I am sure that my 12 recovery phrase is correct. Is it possible because of changing computer or changing universal time or somethings … ?


Nope. The only technically possible way way to get this result is to enter different passphrase. Compare your words with this list, maybe you have written down some of them wrong that just look kinda similar (like air vs aim, etc.) - https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0039/english.txt


Sire, I have a photo of my recovery phrase I did not write down. I am 100% sure that my recovery phrase is correct. something else might be happened. something technical in blockchain, could you ask experts if there are cardano team.


Somethings you could not see does not mean that does not exist. If you can help me with this problem I would be glad if not please do not answer. sometimes be quit is much more helpful.
And believing in Cardano is not enough, there should be experts with blockchain experience.


Did you send coins to the wallet before of after recovering it for the first time?


I just have one transaction, I have received 2000 coins before I recovered. Actually, when I created my wallet I bought some coins.