I have the Stake Key Details for My Wallet, but My Recovery Phrase Isn't working. What can I do?

I have tens of thousands locked up and the recovery phrase is not working to restore my Wallet through Yoroi. I came to my computer one day and my wallet would not load for several days. I tried not to panic, but eventually through reinstalling the Yoroi extension could help. But that was nothing. I have tried recovery through Byron and Shelly even I knew it was Shelly. I tried recovery through Daedulus. Nothing. I converted 60% of my life savings into this and feel in a pretty dark place at the moment. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


U will need the security seed words in order to restore the wallet


Give it a try to https://adalite.io/
It is also a Cardano wallet used by members of the community as well.

This isn’t helpful.

Do u have one of :

  • seed words
  • secret.key file from ur old daedalus
  • hw wallet