The wallet restored from your recovery phrase is empty

So it appears that in my haste to stake my ada from my Daedalus wallet to the Yoroi wallet I did not realise that I had recovered to the Yoroi mainet wallet untill of course i worked out that I cannot stake from a mainet wallet. So I have tried to send from the Yoroi mainnet wallet to the Yoroi testnet wallet and I received a invalid address, next I tried to recover using my 15 word recovery phase, all checksum match, yet I am receiving the message “The wallet restored from your recovery phrase is empty. Please check your recovery phrase and attempt restoration again”…what am I doing wrong? the ada was successfully restored from my Daedalus wallet and is clearly there in my Yoroi mainet wallet all confirmed in the Cardano explorer.

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You have to enter the recovery phrase that held the ADA at the time of the snapshot

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Thanks Sebastien, that worked perfectly! I am however quite confused now as to how my ada seems to be in 3 different wallets now, i.e. Daedalus, Yoroi mainnet and now a Yoroi testnet wallet?

Trail, remember that wallets don’t actually “hold” funds. They are merely keys to your funds on the blockchain. All of your funds are on the blockchain, that’s why anyone can see your balance in the block explorer (if they know what address is you).

In this case there are two blockchains, testnet and mainnet.

You can access your funds on the blockchain from many “wallets”!


Cheers Rob, I am 100% wiser after that explanation, thank you very much for the insight.

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That’s what makes the technology so powerful! Nobody holds the funds (or data). It’s all on a chain of transactions that everyone can see. All of the people staking are propagating the chain and adding more transactions/data/“wallets” to it. Except that only people with the proper key can access their portion of the chain.

In bitcoin’s case (and others), it’s miners that propagate the chain.With Cardano (and others) it’s stakers. In either case, that’s what makes it so tamper-proof and censorship resistant.

Now that you know the basics, start building Dapps! :slight_smile:

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