Yoroi - Restoring two wallets

Hello all,

I lost my phone but i have the seed phrases for the two wallets which i’m trying to recover.

I use Yoroi, one of the wallets was originally created in daedallus and imported in to yoroi with 24 see phrase. The other was created in Yoroi with 15 seed phrase.

So I installed Yoroi in my new phone, restored both wallets, and guess what, no balance and assets.

I only have two transactions registered in one wallet and it’s weird, because the sent transaction is to the address wich i create in yoroi and it’s says is not mine. The other wallet even more strange, no transactions and it was created on yoroi.

So it seems that story of saving your seed phrase is not actually enough to recover your wallets.

What i do now?

Best regards

ok, can you check both wallets on cardanoscan.io?
copy one address from each wallet and paste on cardanoscan.io… do you see the funds?

No, i don’t.

New wallet addresses:



Old addresses:



this wallet has more addresses generated, so must be yoroi or daedalus one
but this wallet:
has only one address generated even there were more transactions performed … so could it be an exchange address?


PS: if the seed words is restoring a different new wallet then something must be wrong with the seed words… are u sure u used the right one?

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I only have these two cardano wallets created so far and the time they were generated i save the seed phrases, so i’m pretty sure these seed phrases are correct. The address u mention, is not an exchange address, i’m 110% .

This is so strange… i will ask my friends to try to import their wallets to different phones.

you can try …

If the daedalus wallet was imported into the yoroi, then i created new addresses, can this be the problem?

nope, if it was imported it will be the same wallet

This one is your oldest wallet. On 2021-03-11, you have begun filling it with funds from exchanges and then done a lot of trades with various NFTs. Last transaction that I found was on 2021-12-17.

If the restore for this wallet has not worked, its seed phrase must be somewhere else.

This one is from the second-oldest wallet. There was only one address ever used in that wallet:

On 2021-03-08, you bought 24 ADA from an exchange, and on 2021-03-25, you sent 23 ADA to your first wallet (and paid 1 ADA fee for that, I don’t exactly know why, perhaps, because UTXOs of less than 1 ADA are not allowed?). That are the two transactions that you are speaking of, I suppose.

After that, nothing has ever been done with this wallet, but it seems to be the one, you have a seed phrase for.

This is a third wallet. Again, only one address was ever used in it:

You started using it by getting 100 ADA from an exchange on 2021-05-13. Then transferred 99 ADA to your first account on 2021-05-28 (with 1 ADA fee, quite the same pattern than for the second one). Then, you used it again a few months later on 2021-11-17 by getting two incoming transactions and nothing more has happened since then. (These are actually a bit complicated transactions, they both came from other persons and 250 ADA each went into this third wallet, while some NFTs went into your first wallet).

I would suppose that you restored/created this wallet and were later thinking that you were still using the second wallet (that you have the seed phrase of), but were actually using this third wallet with a different seed phrase. With some luck, you have recorded this seed phrase, but don’t remember it. Would have happened between March and May.

With this wallet, nothing has ever been done:

If you got this after restoring from a seed phrase, something has to be wrong with the seed phrase (or you really have never used that wallet).

It’s the one that’s supposed to be your first (Daedalus) wallet, isn’t it? Do you still have the Daedalus installation or a backup of it. Perhaps, you could restore from there if your seed phrase is wrong.

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By the way: There’s only one outgoing transaction, there was no change because it was everything that was in the wallet at the time minus the fee. So, it can well be a regular Yoroi wallet that has just not been used for more.

Hello HeptaSean,

Thanks a lot for your help. It makes sense what you are saying, i remember having one daedallus wallet and sent some ADA to yoroi wallet. I have the seed phrase for sure, must find it. But this wallet address:


Must be one of the seed phrases i have put on restore, but after the restore the address is


I have only big question, the address corresponds to one wallet? If so, everytime i create a new address must backup a new seed phrase. This makes no sense to me.

Everytime i create a new a wallet, i have always stored the seed phrase. So i must have it or something isn’t workely properly. What are the odds, after inserting two seed phrases restored different wallets.

Best regards

No, one seed phrase corresponds to exactly one wallet, but a wallet can have lots of addresses.

But these addresses all have the same stake key encoded in them (one seed phrase, one wallet, one stake key, lots of addresses). That’s why we know that there are definitely four different wallets involved, here. They all have different stake keys.

EDIT: I have linked all the addresses on Cardanoscan in the list below. As you can see, the two at 1. (the one you gave us and the one with the transactions) give the same “Controlled Stake Key” (and the “Controlled Total Stake” is always all the Ada in that wallet), while for all the others there are different stake keys.

Maybe, I got the order wrong:

  1. addr1qxqg…3xkt, addr1q870y…vjcv Daedalus wallet, 2021-03-08: 24 ADA from exchange, 2021-03-25: 23 ADA to 2., 0 Ada in this wallet, the only one you can restore, right now
  2. addr1qx6k…54gr (and other addresses) Yoroi wallet, used since 2021-03-11, lots of transactions, 68.305528 ADA in this wallet
  3. addr1qxad…utrx You were thinking, you were still using 1., but it’s a different one, 2021-05-13: 100 ADA from exchange, 2021-05-28: 99 ADA to 2., 2021-11-17: 2×250 ADA from others that sent NFTs to 2. at the same time, 500 ADA in this wallet
  4. addr1qy77…wvr8 The one you get, when trying to restore 2., no transactions, no ADA in this wallet

You want to find the seed phrases for 2. and 3. The one you thought was 3. is 1., the one you thought was 2. is 4. or something like that.

It’s not impossible, but really not likely. The seed words have a check sum in them. When you just get the order wrong or exchange one word for another one, it would most likely say “This is not a valid seed!” and not restore to another, empty wallet.

You do not use a hardware wallet, do you? (I’m asking, because they have a functionality to get lots of different wallets with minor typos and it happens regularly that that is a problem.)


Hi all,

You were right @HeptaSean, found the other two missing seed phrases. Now it’s all restored and running smoothly.

Thank you all for you help and answering my doubts.

Best regards

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