Lost Yoroi Seed Recovery Phrase

Hello All,

Hoping someone can help. Long story short I dropped my Iphone in water and got a replacement phone sent to me, the replacement phone did not restore my Yoroi Wallet info and im out of luck because I cant find my seed phrase I looked everywhere. Any advice to restore the wallet Iam staked not sure if that would help. Really hoping I can restore the wallet had a nice amount of Ada :frowning:

You need to find that seed phrase. It’s the only way to restore the wallet if you do not have it imported on another device.

I looked everywhere. My old phone was the only device that had access and I cant get it back in posession :weary:

Unfortunately you need to access it through the device it was on or by using the seed phrase to recreate the wallet.
If you get the old phone back (with access to the wallet) set up a new wallet, with a new recovery seed, and transfer all your funds from that old wallet to the new one that you now have the recovery seed for.
For information on the best practices for storing your seed phrase so this doesn’t happen to you again read this article: