Help lost yoroi seed phrase

Looking for any help panicking at this point. My old device was destroyed and I cant find my seed recovery phrase anywhere. Hoping something can be done im at a loss for words.

If you dont have access to your “old device” and you also cant find your seedphrase, you are lost. Theres no way to get access without one of the two.

I tried get the old device back but the post office will not intercept. Looks like im beat :frowning:

You never restored the wallet before? Try to not panic and search for it…

Nope I created the wallet a while back transfered all my ADA from coinbase staked it and kind of forgot about it. When my phone broke I was thinking Icloud would bring it over I thought wrong and shipped the broken device out now in beat.

And you are absolutely sure that you completely ignored the very serious warning to write the seed phrase down and store it safely and securely?

Doesn’t it even ask you some of the words to verify that you have it?

If you really do not have it, getting the previous phone back is your only chance. But: Didn’t you wipe that? Sending it away with the secrets to your wallet is also not very wise.


I didnt wipe it not that it matters Im unable to gain possesion of my old device it was sent back to the insurance company.