Can someone please help me.

Since I downloaded Yoroi wallet on android I have only ever needed 6 digit code to access the app to get to my wallets…2 days ago when I went on the app all my wallets had been removed…I’ve managed to restore 2 of the 4 but all my ADA is in anothr and I don’t have the seed phrase…I can’t find it anywhere :see_no_evil:…I’ve emailed Emurgo support but still no response…can anyone help me? It’s all I have crypto wise

If all wallets were standard wallets (no ledger or trezor) you need to have a seed words for each one.

  • if all 4 were created on yoroi then u should have 4 x 15 seeds words
  • if some of them were imported (from daedalus, etc) then probably u will have also 24 seed words

Without the seed words u will can’t access the funds… and you should have them… because without the words u couldn’t complete the wallet installation


Yes I have the phrases for 2 of the wallets but I don’t for other 2…oke I’m not so worried about but the other has all 4000 of my ADA

Then start looking/searching for the seed words… esch wallet has its own seed words

So if I can’t find it, I’ve lost it all?

Confused as to why all my wallets were removed :pensive:

I am sure u have the words somewhere… check everywhere

I’ve been looking for 2 days :sob:

We can’t tell from far away.

There was no update to the Yoroi app. It was last updated/installed in December on my Android phone.

Perhaps, the app’s data have been cleared in the settings trying to solve another problem?

Really hard to tell. And chances are slim that the Emurgo support can do more.

As @Alexd1985 said: Your best bet is finding the seed phrases at a place you have not been searching already.


Why would you not save your seeds tho? How can you just believe that the wallet will be always there? Devices can stop working at any time for any reason even if usually they don’t. The first thing to do is always writing the seeds on paper…

Most things use a password

The password is ONLY for decrypting the private key and sending funds from your wallet… Am I missing something?

Without the seeds, you cannot recover the wallet. However you can try to use some file recovery software, maybe you’ll be able to get the deleted files related to your wallets.

I’m only using a mobile…I’m new to all of this

I was not blaming you, but just saying. Anyway, when you create a wallet, even on mobile, it asks you to write the seeds on paper, and won’t let you create it if you don’t confirm some (or all)… Now your option is to find the seeds or try to recover the files using some software. Check if you took a screenshot or something…

Literally checked every file on my phone…Can you suggest any software?

It depends if you use iOS or Android. I never used any recovery software before for mobile devices. 9 Best Software for Android Data Recovery This page has a list, have a look.