Yoroi on mobile, lost the seed phrase & spending password but can login with biometric

Hello ADA gang,

Let me preface this with that I don’t hold much hope but here we go.

Stupidly I have lost my seed phrase and now appears I can’t remember my spending password either to move my ADA. I’m using Yoroi on an old mobile, with my ADA in a byron era wallet. I can still access the wallet with biometrics though.

My questions are:
I am currently guessing passwords, is there a limit to attempts?
I have read about a secret.key file as a possible avenue. Is this a possibility?

Thanks for any help

Hey @John_Shearon

No there isnt a limit to guess your password.

Im not really familiar with the mobile version and i think id would be better for you to contact the Emurgo support : Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano


I sent Ada to mine first time using Yoroi wallet transaction says complete however my wallet is empty two days now have no clue how to get it my Ada. Saw there was a search link on the forum however nothing is coming up. None of my support emails have been returned with a reply