Forgot both my spending password and recovery phrase

I have the Yoroi wallet on my PC right now but I cannot access the funds as I forgot the spending password and I cannot make a new wallet because I don’t have my phrase. Is it lost unless I guess my password?

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Yes, it is for the momment; don’t delete your yoroi wallet !

U have enought time to search your security phrase or ur spending password

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ooooohhhhh my god thats a big nightmare hope you find it my friend,sure you going to turn your house upside down,focus on spending thats much eazier to crack then 24random words.
good luck mate🙏

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There’s really no way to recover without your password or recovery phrase. That’s a feature, not a bug. Sorry for your loss, hope it wasn’t too much, and I wish you luck in finding your password.

Could be … IOHK working to a version which will be capable to restore your wallet without phrase keys… but u must not unistall/delete the old wallet

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Yes, but that is for Daedalus and will require users to have their spending password as well. Yoroi already gives you access to the encrypted private key, if you have the spending password (in case of which you could simply send the funds out)

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Hi everyone,
I have lost my old iPhone with Yoroi wallet. I also had there a photo with recovery phase. What I have is password. Is there any hope for me?


Perhaps u uploaded the photo on cloud? Or use find my iphone… maybe u will manage to find it


Same happen to me :confused: but in Daedalus wallet

What happened to u? U also lost ur phone?


Nope Lost both code and seed password

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And u have the wallet opened with ur balance… u should relax and try to remeber the spendig password if u can’t find ur security phrase

U have enough time to remember the pssword, u seted a special passord, not an usual one?

I tried every single combination already

Hey guys, I have lost the spending password and the private key. Right now i have around 13k ada in daedalus wallet. The wallet is open, i can see the amount, but i can’t do anything without either the spending password or the private key. Do you think that i will ever be able to extract the currency at all ?

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My opinion stands as more of these comments appear

What about these users?

My friend I am not one of the members of IOHK team but their answers is always the same:

"Hope you find your passwords! Case Solved"

"If your can’t find them you lose everything! Issue Solved"

I know of many in your shoes my friend, just google it… And there is no solution for this… Read my post to know my full opinion on this

I guess I am gonna suffer for the rest of my life when Cardano hits 40k

Do you you think that they will ever get that fixed at all ?


In order to use ur ada u need a password, the spending password which has been set when u created the wallet; if u forgot it u will can’t use ur funds!
U have enough time to remember it!


As they say this is not something to “fix” but a feature of crypto…

There are ways to make many like you recover their investments but this will never work if crypto and real world don’t work together.

Similar situation here. Forgot my password and am searching for wherever it was i wrote it down. I have a question that may help me narrow down my password possibilities:

How is the password formatted? Is it a random series of letters and numbers generated by Yoroi, or is it one that we created for ourselves?