What is up with the 'spending password'?

i’m not sure i ever created one…in any case, i don’t have it(or one). i saw another comment that mentioned it, but i couldn’t find what to do about it.

thx, i

Hello and welcome @icarus

If you don’t remember the spending password, just restore the wallet with the recovery phrase, and set a new spending password (this time save it in a safe place :upside_down_face:, or just use something you can easily remember).

The spending password can be forgotten, restore the wallet and that’s it, but in case of forgetting the secret phrase, there is no possible solution.

P.S: The expense password has two main functions. It encrypts the secret phrase locally on the device and protects the balance (the spending password must be entered to be able to send ada).

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thanks for the prompt response. i assume the best way to get the yoroi wallet is download it from their site? also, when i initially looked into it, i found instructions that said delete the wallet first–but as you could imagine, i didn’t want to do that until i knew what i was doing…

That’s right. The safest way to get Yoroi Wallet is from the official website: yoroi-wallet.com.