Yoroi Wallet Spending Password Issue

Hello, i need to reset my spending password for my Yoroi wallet, how can this be possible?
Or can someone help redirect me? Thanks.

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Hey @Toso11793

If you cant remember your spending password, you simply restore your wallet with your seedphrase and set a new one.


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Yeah as @Zyroxa said. Just go to yoroi then press “back to wallets” at top left, select “create new wallet” and then select “store wallet” and use your 15 word recovery phrase. You can set a new password.

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Hi @Toso11793 ,

Kindly read this article / FAQ from official Yoroi website: Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano

What happens if I lose my spending password?

Losing your password does not mean that you have lost your Ada. In case you lose your spending password, you won’t be able to spend your funds but you will see the balance and transaction history in your wallet. To be able to spend your funds you will need to delete your wallet and restore it using your 15-word recovery phrase.
Make sure to verify that you have your wallet recovery phrase before deleting your wallet.

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I’d say do not delete your wallet at all. Start by restoring it on another device first.


Or on the same device using another browser or using adalite.io

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