Yoroi - Missing spending password

Hello guys,
I am trying to withdraw some ADA tokens that I had in Yoroi App, however the App is asking for a Spending Password that I have never created or defined.
I have my token and the secret words, but I don’t know what is this Spending password the App is asking for. Can someone help me?


Delete/Remove your wallet and restore it again. When you do that, you will be asked to put a new spending password. You don’t even need the old one.

It is a simple wallet or do u have trezor/ledger? If it is a simple wallet then search for the 15 seed words and restore the wallet and it will ask for a wallet name and password

!!! Before to delete the wallet check if the seed words is ok, try to restore (before to delete the wallet) and check if u are receiving the message “wallet already exist”