Yoroi Wallet Questions

Hi all! I have an Yoroi Wallet. I read in the FAQ’s that Spending Password is required to send Ada from Yoroi. I do not remember creating a spending password while setting up the wallet. What is this password? Thanks so much!


U seted a spending password when u installed the wallet; if don’t remember it then if you have the security phrase you can restore the wallet. With that password u can initiate transactions inside the wallet like send ADA , delegate, etc

!!! Be carefull do not delete the wallet if you don’t have the security phrase; and even if you have it check first if it is valid !!!


Thank you, Alex!

Luckily, I have the security phrase. Appreciate your answer.

And how would I check if the phrase is valid? By signing out and signing back in? :slight_smile:

Are u using yoroi in chrome or mobile?

I am using it in mobile

G o to wallet add wallet shelley, restore and insert your words… I think will generate a warning like the wallet already exist…
Then delete this wallet for which u forgot the spending password and try to restore again…

It will ask u to set a wallet name and a new spending password; that’s all

Than u can start to delegate; u can support my pool if u wish


thanks for that! I will do it shortly :slight_smile: and i will look at your pool, too. I have delegated to another one a few months ago. If you don’t mind another question…to withdraw Ada from Binance, they offer two withdrawal networks: Cardano and their own called BEP2. Do I choose Cardano to transfer to Yoroi? :slight_smile: :smile:

The link to your pool isn’t loading (it says overloaded). But supporting children education sounds awesome. I returned back to school just for that! In my first week of classes now!

From binance go to withdraw-> cardano -> put the address wallet from yoroi (in yoroi go to receive and there u should find your address) -> confirm (I think you will receive an email for confirmation)

!!! First time try a small amount just in case; if is it successful the you can withdraw all amount


:pray: :pray: :pray:

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Right! I figured out the process on Binance. Just that it’s asking me to choose the Cardano vs. BEP2 network. I’ll choose the Cardano network and will transfer a few coins :slight_smile:

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:+1: cardano right ; BEP2 network (Binance Chain) ; can work both but I think the difference is the fee
But better to choose Cardano :sunglasses:

right! the fee on the Binance Chain is less. They say to choose the “right” network. lol
thank you!

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