Spending password in Yoroi

spending password in Yoroi


I am Dirk and I live in Belgium. Installed Yoroi perfectly.

I succeeded in setting up some ADA Cardano.

Question, now I try to:

ADA to Binance, Yoroi asks the "spending password"

oops where can I find that password? or what password do they mean by that?

Still not the 15 Yoroi words password? Or do I have to create something first and password?

Ps: my Dutch translated with google, haha


Haven’t installed Yoroi myself but this looks like it’s the same as Daedalus.

During installation you are asked to setup a password that is required every time you send ADA, also to generate a new address. You should have noted it and kept it safe. Is it possible you might find it in your records? If not you will have to delete and recover the wallet, which only requires the seed phrase and allows you to set a new spending password.

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bedankt te antwoorden,

Dus toch het 15 Yoroi woorden-wachtwoord moet ik dan invullen als spending password ?


Nee, als u het huidige uitgavenwachtwoord niet kunt vinden, moet u de portefeuille verwijderen en vervolgens herstellen. Omdat ik Yoroi nog niet ken, kan ik niet helpen met de details van die procedure.


Can not believe that the safety words should be used.
And I did not see any other conditions when installing.

Yoroi is working fast for the rest.
Reinstall … afraid of losing money!



Use the <receive screen> to generate a new address and use it to send money from Daedalus


Use 12 sense words to transfer all funds from your Daedalus wallet to Yoroi.

But I want to send from Yoroi to Binance, for example, and I do not know which send password I have to use or to find it.<<<<<

Conclussion I can deposit on Yoroi but not remove from Yoroi.

I read only

Before you can transfer funds from your Daedalus wallet, you must create a Yoroi wallet and back it up. Upon completion, you will receive a 15-word recovery phrase which can be used to restore your Yoroi wallet at any time.


Yoroi and Daedalus wallets use different key derivation schemes and they each have a separate format for addresses. For this reason, you cannot continue with your Daedalus wallet and must instead create a Yoroi wallet and transfer your funds (this will change in the future). Daedalus and Yoroi wallets are fully compatible for transferring funds. If you don’t have a working copy of Daedalus, you can use your 12-word recovery phrase to transfer the balance from Daedalus into Yoroi.


I have diffiiculty maintaining my daedalus wallets both on Mac or Windows10, and recently the wallet wont connect to the network once again. I thought I am gonna lose my funds until, I read one of RobJF advice of how to recover/restore your fund from Daedalus wallet. I did just that, and hoping to work out and wallah, recover all my ADA fund from daedalus wallet to Yoroi. It was easy and all my fun has been recovered. As long as you have all your 12 Paraphrase words in every wallet you creat on Daedalus, thing will be okay spending passwords is just your wallet passwords.

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I don’t recall that I was asked to enter a ‘Spending password’ either; otherwise, I would have saved it with the recovery words. Anyway, I am in the same situation as yours now.

Not sure whether there’s a way to delete your wallet within Yoroi, but if so do that, or if not then either remove Yoroi and reinstall it, or install it in a different browser. Then recover your wallet using the 15 word seed phrase, no password required.

@epicuristdirk When you restore Yorio Wallet with the 15 words of the seed phrase, it again asks you to set a spending password. I tried it when configuring the Yorio extension on another PC and in doing, he asked me to set the new spending password.