Can I use Daedalus recovery phrase for Yoroi wallet?

I have a situation…

My ADA is in a Yoroi wallet but I want to move some. Problem is, I don’t have a spending password. I was not asked to provide one at any point. I’m pretty good with noting down all the important info. I saw that others on here have the same experience, so I’m not going crazy!

A while ago I moved my ADA from Daedalus to Yoroi, but I don’t remember being given a seed phrase for Yoroi - possibly I used my Daedalus phrase. I still have my seed phrase for the Daedalus wallet. Can I use this to restore my Yoroi wallet? Are the seed phrased one-and-the-same for Yoroi and Daedalus?

And if I restore my Yoroi wallet, will I be able to set my own spending password?


You can restore your Yoroi wallet in Daedalus, ccvault or any other wallet using the recovery words, and you will set a new spending password.

Thanks for the info @georgem1976 . I will give it a go

You can restore to a hardware wallet as well

Thanks @Freddy1

I downloaded Yoroi wallet on a different device, restoring with my original Daedalus seed phrase and the new device Yoroi asked me to set spending password, so seems like problem solved.

Thank you both.