My ADA on my YORIO wallet isn't syncing with my Daedalus wallet

My ADA on my YORIO wallet isnt syncing with my Daedalus wallet. When I installed Yorio on my phone all my ADA tokens from my Daedalus wallet showed but when I transferred more ADA tokens to my Yorio wallet it doesnt show on my Daedalus wallet. I’m trying to send ADA tokens from my Yorio wallet to an exchange to sell but it’s asking my for a spending password which I have no idea where that is or if I even got one so I’m trying to send my ADA tokens via my Daedalus wallet. Please assist.

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So if you restored your wallet with the seedphrase, you will have the same wallet in Daedalus and in Yoroi.

If both wallet shows a different amount of ADA, then most likely one of the wallet isnt synced properly.

If you do have your seedphrase but you dont remember your spending password, you can simply restore your wallet in Yoroi again and set a new spending password.

Thanks Zyroxa for responding. I dont remember ever getting a seed phrase when I installed Yoroi on my phone. I can see all of my ADA tokens in my Yoroi wallets but not the same amount in my daedalus wallet. Is there anyway to rectify this so that both sync properly and show the same amount in both wallets?


Probably daedalus has sync issues and u will need to restore the daedalus wallet using the seed words

Now, for yoroi as also for daedalus u set a spending password to protect unauthorized transactions… if u don’t remember then restore the wallet on yoroi (using seed words from daedalus) and set a new password


Great thanks Alex. Ill try that.