Cant move my ADA from Yoroi wallet

Hey everyone im new here, so i just got my ada moved from daedalus to yoroi manually since restoring my ada by daedalus recovery seed in yoroi was giving me error that the wallet is empty. Now that i finally moved my ada to yoroi i cant move it from yoroi to ANY exchang. It says error occured please try again later… im about to lose myself i tried EVERYTHING i could but no way i can move a dime from this new light wallet i regret plus it makes me disappointed alot in cardano. Please help me out.

Wallet address : Ae2tdPwUPEZD9F66KSmoUVF6PWdK84YS7Rm6nauB9ac4p5jwQ6QvhzYksHy


I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Did you try again later? Does Yoroi show your balance correctly? What exchanges specifically? Can you post a screenshot of the error?

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Its working… idk somehow it did lol thankgod.

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same problem, in ocations show a message the wallet is empty and now show this!

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Sorry my real problem is the imposibility to restored the daedalus wallet seed into Yoroi.
Someone with this problem?

Yes same issue asked iohk help let me know if you find resolve, I will do the same.

You do not have a working Daedalus wallet, as it is better to transfer the funds then to restore this way.

Could you try again and post your log file if you cannot import your wallet, it does not contain any private info:
Yoroi > Settings > Support

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I have a limited bandwith, I live in Cuba and maintain a Daedalus Wallet synchronized is expensive. For that rerason i want to restore my funds in Yoroi.

Okay, could you try again and if you get an error post Yoroi log file.

The log generate by Yoroi is empty. I don’t know what’s happening. Any idea.

Are you 100% positive that the 12-words are the correct ones?

If you are then I would remove Yoroi from Chrome, close Chrome and reinstall Yoroi using its 15-word recovery, time to recover Yoroi should be almost instantly. Note, do this only if you have not used Yoroi, made deposits or transfers, as we want to transfer Daedalus to an unused Yoroi wallet.

Then, “use the 12-word recovery phrase to transfer all of the funds from your Daedalus wallet to Yoroi”.

Let me know how it works out.


Yoroi might produce a new log file after every time you open it. So you need to download log right after the problem is reproduced.