Unable to restore legacy Daedalus wallet through Yoroi

I have some ADA from back in 2017 stored on my daedalus desktop wallet that I want to transfer to my Ledger Nano S for security purposes. When I open the desktop wallet its at 14% sync and my pc sounds like it’s about to explode when it’s syncing so I decided to abort that process and find another way. I’m unable to sync the entire blockchain now as my PC is super old, and extremely important for my work, so I can’t risk damaging it.

Was pointed to the Adalite wallet and Yoroi wallet as a possible way to restore my wallet before transfering over to my ledger. It failed on both wallets, Adalite said something about showing incorrect balances because of outdated version of old wallet or something. Yoroi said it was unable to retrieve addresses on the blockchain or something after entering my 12 word seed succesfully on the claim/migrate feature.

Looking for some possible solutions to this problem of mine. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


You should contact IOHK support team here