Can you have the same wallet on Daedalus and Yoroi

If one has a wallet on Daedalus, is there any implication of restoring that same wallet on Yoroi? Thanks!

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Hi @CHINAPOOL , yes you can restore the wallet in Yoroi. I created my Daedalus wallet (paired with Ledger Nano S), and I could watch my ADA of the same wallet in Yoroi mobile app.

Please read these articles from IOHK

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Yes, u can
Download Yoroi - go to add wallet - shelley wallet - restore and use 24 seed words


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Using a hardware wallet you can manage your balance with any of those tools. Convenient and secure at the same time!:muscle:

Thank you Andreas!

Thank you Alex, sounds simple

Will try it with my ledger nano s, danke!

firstly the nano s does not seem to allow daedelus to do anything, not sending, not staking, just stuck, i have 3 units, tried them all - doesn’t work - funds are showing, wallet shows, but can’t move or stake funds.

when i go to yori or adalite, and connect the nano s, it creates a new wallet with nothing in it - but it’s not the same wallet.

miserable techie experience to say the least - if this is what crypto is - no one is gonna be using it. update download, firmware lalalla, all upto date, it was bad enough on windows for a bit of word processing but for managing money this is junk…

any help appreciated ?