Seeking clarification about Ledger Nano S/Yoroi integration with Daedalus funds migration


I followed these instructions when integrating my Ledger Nano S wallet with the Yoroi Chrome extension, and then migrating my ADA from Daedalus using the recovery phrase I had for it.

I chose the Connect to Ledger Hardware Wallet option, so I never created a new Yoroi wallet, nor was given a recovery phrase in the process. I’m presuming this is because my Ledger device and its own recovery phrase are what I should use if I ever need to recover my ADA wallet via Yoroi—can someone please confirm if this assessment is accurate?

Also, my Yoroi Ledger wallet & ADA balance still appear via the Chrome extension, even though I already disconnected my Ledger device. I realize that I would need to have it connected when sending ADA in order to verify the transaction, but should the wallet name & ADA balance still appear when the device isn’t connected?

Thanks ahead of time.

Welcome to the board. Confirmed. This is (of course) true.

Yoroi is saving your public key for convenience. This allows Yoroi to show your balance and transactions.

To send ADA you will always have to connect your Ledger and confirm the transaction. If you’d rather not leave a trace, have a look at

In case it’s not obvious: it doesn’t matter which one you use your Ledger with, it will lead you to the same wallet. You can alternative between Yoroi, AdaLite and later Daedalus.


Great! Thank you @adatainment for clarifying and for the fast response.

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My windows with deadulus crashed. I want to restore the wallet and send it to my Ledger.
whats the best way to do this.
should I install deadulus and restore it then send it to the nano or do the new wallets restore original deadulus pass phrases?


You can create a new Wallet in Yoroi (save new 15 word seed), click daedalus icon in Yoroi to transfer funds from Daedalus using 12 word seed (you dont need to have working daedalus for the same) , and then use Ledger from Yoroi

(PS: Best to create new post for new query, helps maintain the flow and topic continuity for others :slight_smile: )

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