Yoroi Ledger Wallet installed but need xfer from older Yoroi?

Hi Guys,

Some guidance most welcome. I have just installed Yoroi-Ledger wallet via ADA App on Ledger. All good after some listed issues/fixes. But only yesterday I had xfered my old deadalus funds to a new Yoroi wallet (not realizing about this Yorio-Ledger wallet).

How do I get these funds on my Chrome Yoroi wallet into this new Yorio-Ledger wallet?
I’m confused now as it did not ask my for Phraze when setting up this new Yorio-Ledger and I can’t seem to get both alongside or combine them together…

Check this guide.
You can create a new chrome profile, use alternate chromium browser or device OR use Yoroi seed temporarily in adalite.

Cool. I did that and have 2 chromes now and both setup. So I guess I just xfer from one to the other.

One thing I’m still unclear on. In this newest Yoro-Ledger wallet, there is no and was no option to use recovery phrase. Have I misunderstood something? I’m concerned about xfering just yet.

And come the think of it how would it be restored without a phrase on the Ledger and where is the funds listed if not in ledger live?

From my understanding you have to make a recovery phrase when you set up your ledger wallet. If your ledger wallet came with the words written down on a that piece of paper, it is malicious. Watch Philpa’s video on YouTube about setting up the ledger wallet.


How to install

And the last update he did is here.

A safe and simple way in terms of “messing things up” to transfer your ADA from your old Yoroi address to the new Ledger address is to use Ledger with https://adalite.io

Open Yoroi on one side and Adalite on the other. When transfered, you can delete Yoroi and set it up with up again with Ledger.

In case it’s not obvious: it doesn’t matter which one you use your Ledger with, it will lead you to the same wallet. You can alternative between Yoroi, AdaLite and later Daedalus. Everything will the same.

Many thanks. Still a little unclear on Yoroi-Ledger.

If I remove Yoroi from Chrome (actually both Chromes) and try to setup again with Ledger, I’m not being given a recovery phrase. Is this because I have set it up before on my computer?

No, it’s because the recovery phrase belongs to the Ledger, not Yoroi.

Ah I see. So in fact, the Ledger itself (when used with Yoroi) is a kind of phrase itself?

Any future problems if I uninstalled ADA App on Ledger or have to update firmware etc?
(I like the security of keeping a paper phrase safe)

No this is no issue, after uninstall you can just install the app again and everything is fine.

The private key, which is encoded in the phrase, is held on the Ledger. It’s the Ledger’s recovery phrase you need to look after now.

Got it. Thanks all.

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Hi guys! Have someone here to help me with a problem. I created my Yoroi wallet in Android phone but my smartphone just stopped working, so I’m trying to restore now in a new phone, but I don’t remember the passphrase, actually, I have access to the wallet in my chrome extension. Can I recover my passphrase from chrome extension?

If you forgot your recovery phrase but still remember your spending password then yes, you can recover it. Unfortunately we don’t provide a UI for this (it’s on our TODO list to add this feature one day) so you will need some developer knowledge to do it (adding a breakpoint inside the adaWallet.js file for the function for changing your spending password is the easiest way if you have some dev knowledge)

Thanks for the answer Sebastien, I will try to do it.

Sebastien, can I assume that my passphrase is the masterKey number?

“MasterKey number” has no meaning in Cardano. If you mean “private key”, then yes, that’s encoded in the seed phrase.

To be sure, are you saying that you do not have the 15 word seed as well as the spending password on the machine where you have your wallet accessible via Chrome?

(PS: Also, would be great if you could use a new thread with the details rather than appending to this one, as your problem statement seems to be completely unrelated to this thread)

MasterKey is the name for the root private key for your wallet. Yoroi stores your encrypted master key in localstorage (if you aren’t used a hardware wallet) which if you save somewhere you can restore your wallet anytime (but will be forced to use the same spending password and will only work on wallets that use the same password encryption method as Yoroi).

What you can see from the breakpoint in the password change function is the unencrypted master key. It should be possible to recover the 15 words from this unencrypted master key but probably you would have to write the code to do it yourself because I don’t think anybody has spent the time to write code for this before.