Can anyone help me get my ADA out of Yoroi?

I have a bit of a cluster here.

I started using Yoroi for Firefox about two years ago. Moved all of my ADA here to stake. Using a Ledger as well.

The Ledger came up missing….as well as my seed phrase. I replaced the Ledger, but now I get an error (Something unexpected happened, please retry.) when trying to undelagate or send anything from the wallet.

Since I do not have the seedphrase I’m obviously hosed if I cannot get the ADA out of this wallet.

Does anyone have any ideas here or I am just screwed? Thanks in advance.


First be sure u restored the ledger with the right passphrase (from the old ledger); then try to restore the wallet on and check if u have any founds in the wallet (unlock with ledger and choose webUSB); if u don’t have any funds it means u are not using the right passphrase


How did you replace the Ledger if the seed phrase is missing?

You won’t get access to the same wallet if you don’t setup a new Ledger with the same seed phrase as the old Ledger.