Advise Please -Upgrading from Daedalus/Yoroi wallets?

Hi All

I have 3 wallets on Daedalus, 2 Yoroi wallets and their recovery seeds, plus another one linked to a Ledger.

I just had a warning that it is no longer supported (not enough RAM on my laptop, but i am going ahead and it’s currently verifying the blockchain.

What do i need to do to switch them to a ‘light’ wallet so i’m not downloading the whole blockchain?

Do i just create another 3 wallets with using my recovery phrase for two of them and my ledger for the other?

Will it also transfer all my pool detail? Each wallet is delegated to separate pool…

Will adalite show each wallet like Daedalus or do i log in/out of each one indivually?


Yoroi is a light wallet. You can just import the three Daedalus wallets and connect the Ledger and then you have everything in Yoroi, if you like Yoroi.

I would not use day to day, because you have to give the seed phrase every time you use it. It does not save the wallet data anywhere (which is an advantage, when just doing quick bugfixing or one-time tasks).

I like and have heart good things about, too.

Yes, they will all just have all your balances, transactions and pool delegations in them. These things are not inside of any wallet app, but stored on the blockchain protected by your secrets (seed phrase or Ledger) and any wallet app can open them just you can log into this forum with any browser. And you can switch between them by just selecting them (except for the case, where you have to log out and log in to another one).

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There are different light wallets like Yoroi. Im using Typhon myself as it covers all my needs and its develeoped by Strica, the same company which is also maintaining

Simply restore your wallets with your seedphrase and connect your Ledger if you are using such. (DONT enter your seedphrase from the Ledger anywhere)

Yes. All information is stored on the blockchain and NOT in any wallet.

I think you have to logout each time to use different wallets in But there are other wallets like ccvault or Typhon where you can use multiple seeds :slight_smile:



Thanks for the prompt replies, have never heard of those wallets tbh.

The best one for me would be something that resembles Daedalus that shows all 3 wallets and allows me to re-stake etc easily.

I use laptop so just want something i can easily ‘boot up’ like Daedalus, then just asks for it’s respective password/passphrase to make a transaction, i do not want to entering my seed each time, that’s madness, so adalite wallet is a non starter then.

Also i presume i only have 2 seeds printed out that my ledger is the seed for one wallet? I set it all up over a year ago tbh and have not logged in since!

I’ll see if i can find some screenshots of ccvault and typhon even though they both seem to do the same thing and thus have a similar layout/interface?


a light wallet sounds like the perfect solution for that.

You can install ccvault and Typhon and just create a new wallet for testing purpose to see how both wallet works.

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You should also have a seed phrase for your Ledger. It should never be entered on a computer (it’s the idea of hardware wallets that the secrets never leave the USB device), but it is needed if the Ledger gets broken or lost.


Brilliant, I’ll install them both alongside my Daedalus and have a look tonight to see what i prefer, i presume it’s just like Daedalus where you just create one wallet then ADD+ the others as needed, you can them rename them as you wish etc.

I only have 2 seeds for Daedalus, i’m sure it would of prompted me to save it when i created the Ledger one? Anyhow Daedalus it’s now loading transactions for all 3 wallets i’m pretty there is an option once synced that allows you to VIEW SEED using passphrase/ledger?

I’m having trouble responding as my laptop is freezing up constantly syncing transactions. lol

It did when you initialized at the very beginning. The seedphrase which you got there will backup every coin you are securing with your Ledger.

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Since you already have three wallets, you will probably not want to create yet another one. :wink:

With all wallet apps, you can also just start by restoring/importing already existent wallets. You don’t have to create new, empty wallets.

No, not Daedalus. Daedalus has no right to know the Ledger seed phrase at all.

When setting up the Ledger with Ledger Live, there was a step, where you should have written down its seed phrase. Ledgers are even delivered with little cards in multiple languages with 24 fields for writing down the seed phrase.

Nope, there is no possibility to see the seed phrase ever again. That’s why the Ledger setup and the create new wallet functionalities of the wallet apps are so verbose about making sure people have really written them down. Some have a functionality to verify that you still know the seed phrase (Ledger has an app for that, which you can load on the Ledger next to the Cardano app), but no possibility to look at it again.

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If you have a significant sum, say more than$1000, you should get a hardware wallet first of all. Also, you should not use the same seed phrase. You may have noticed that people have lost coins because their computers had malware. Like something that snoops on these phrases. The thing about malware is that you may not know if it’s present until it’s too late.

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Little update. After few hours it all synced ok.

I also had a sort of warning that my recovery seeds and passwords need checking/updating.

The wallet with the Ledger attached does not give an option to check the wallet seed, the other 2 wallets do, so i’m presuming there is no seed for the ledger attached wallet because as stated above it has it’s own recovery seed in itself and one is not created/needed by Daedalus.

I only created 3 wallets as i wanted to delegate to differing pools and this was the only way to do this at the time, i recall thinking that it was a stupid process as you would need a a hardware device for each wallet/delegation at the time, i presume things may have changed now?

As well as updating my password and checking my seed (on the 2 normal wallets) i also have the option on all 3 wallets to de-link them from Daedalus, is this necessary? Could i not do it at a later date if needed?

Thanks for all the advice it is much appreciated.

Yes, exactly that.

With,, and, you have the possibility to create multiple accounts for one hardware wallet (or seed phrase), that can be delegated to different stake pools.

That’s not necessary at all. It just locally deletes the knowledge about the wallet from your Daedalus installation and has no effect on the network/blockchain. If you later, for example, delete Daedalus completely including all its data, it would have the same effect.

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All up and running on Typhoon now guys.

Tink i need to looking into redelegating, i have 6900 in a pool and it’s at 94.59% saturation and getting 3.68%(30 day average). No idea if this any good or not tbh?


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