New Ledger | Move ADA from Daedalus to Yoroi - Question

Hello Cardano-Community,

Would be great if someone could help me with the following question:

I’ll receive a Ledger Nano X soon but atm I’m using Daedalus as wallet, because Daedalus isn’t supported yet I want to migrate it into a Yoroi wallet.

As far as I know, it is possible to migrate them directly in the Yoroi app (iOS) through the seedphrase of the current Daedalus wallet.

I have tried to do my own research, but I am not 100% sure.
After the migration the “old” Daedalus seed phrase is no longer needed because the coins now belong to the phrase from the ledger?

Are there any other security issues to do it the way I planned or is it safer to send it manually from Daedalus to the newly generated Yoroi wallet (ledger)?

I apologize if it is a “noob” question.

Would appreciate your support.

Kindly regards :slight_smile:

Hey @NerdyNinja

Its always recommanded to create a new seed if you got a new ledger because your old seed may be compromised.

So the only thing you have to do is setup your ledger and backup your new seed safely, download the cardano app, connect it via Yoroi and send your funds from your Daedalus wallet to your Yoroi (Ledger) address.


Thanks @Zyroxa for your fast reply ! :slight_smile:

So it doesn’t matter if I use the function “migrate” from Yoroi itself (as long i used a fresh seed for yoroi) or send it via daedallus (old seed) manually to the new seed from Ledger (yoroi) ?

Not really sure what you exactly mean.

If you use your Ledger you dont have to create a new seed when connecting with Yoroi. You only have one seed which you create at the initial setup of your ledger. All your coins which you store with your Ledger can be restored with the same seed.