Old Daedalus Wallet - what do you recommend?

I have some ada in an old Daedalus wallet, I can’t access it anymore but from looking through posts on this site, I’m sure I’ll be able to recover them.
My question is, what should I do when I recover them? I’ve seen there are other wallets out there now like Yoroi and adalite. Which is recommended? Is one better or safer than the other?
I’m not to knowledgeable about all this stuff. I bought some crypto a few years ago out of FOMO at that time but really had no idea what I was doing.

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Hello and welcome.

I hope that this IOHK helpdesk article will be of assistance to your situation. Importing wallets – IOHK Support


U can try to recover via import file option, available since 3.3.1 version (daedalus), if u have the secret.key; u will still need the spending password in order to move the funds to another wallet

Now, regarding the wallet, there are 2 officials wallet : Daedalus and Yoroi;
Both are safe as long ur are keeping the seed words and spending password dafe;
the differences between them is that:

  • Daedalus is a full node and needs to sync with the blockchain and it is available only for desktop
  • yoroi is a light wallet; it will not download all the blockchain database locally and it is available for desktop and mobile

Both support HW wallet

Be careful to donwload them only from official sources!!!

If u have any questions, fell free to ask!


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