Wallet not showing amount / recovered with seed phrase and no funds in the account

Hello, I have been having issues with Yoroi wallet. It was saying my spending password was wrong. I looked in the forms and it stated to use your phrase to restore wallet and then change spending password and wallet name. After Restoring wallet now I have no funds available. I still have my other wallet open and can see the fund so not all hope is lost right ….

The wallet hash (the code near name) is different?

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Yes it is, but used the same seed phrase

Hmm, then it must be the seed words

I have only ever used one Yorio wallet? I’m not understanding because I was using the same password before I tried to purchase and NFT and my account went to zero…. After some time everything came back but my spending password is now wrong and seed phrase?

Did u restored in the past using this seed words?

No that was my first time

Maybe u had daedalus before and imported on yoroi?

I’ve only used Yorio for my ADA. I don’t understand. I used the password to send ADA to purchase NFT and now everything came back and the same password I used before is incorrect.

I just withdrew my rewards and used the spending password… no issues

Okay … so I’m SOL?

Nope, but I am sure u have another seed words some where… or try to restore on adalite.io perhaps there are issues with yoroi